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20-Year Old Reveals Amazing Weight Loss Transformation After Giving Up Chicken Nuggets

Every looked at your mum’s body and thought, ‘I want to look like that?’ Being a 24-year-old man, it’s never crossed my mind, but the same can’t be said for 20-year-old Bradley McManus. When his mum Angela, 48, lost a stone and a half after ditching chicken nuggets and hitting the gym, the then 18-year-old Bradley decided to follow suit.

Taking a leaf out of his mum’s book, Bradley managed to drop a stone and a half after he transformed his diet and started working out. Previously weighing in at 13 stone, the Newcastle teenager is now the proud owner of a svelte figure and a six-pack most men would kill for (myself included).

Angela used to be the sort of parent who supplied her family a steady stream of dirty ready meals and fast food, but after becoming insecure about her bulging waistline, she decided to make a change.

She said: “A few years ago, I’d pick up whatever processed junk was cheap in the supermarket.
“My sons lived off chicken nuggets and chips and a standard meal for me was something like a frozen chicken kiev.
“I did what I thought would be cheapest and easiest without considering other options.
“The biggest trigger for me was when I went snowboarding with my family and my son and I couldn’t enjoy the experience because we were so out of puff.
“It spoiled the holiday and left me feeling terrible.
“The nearer I got to 50, the more pressing the change felt.

“Since adapting my diet, I feel so much better and my bank balance is looking healthier, too.”
Like most people who feel bad about their body, the change came after a particularly indulgent Christmas back in 2013. Signing up with a personal trainer, Angela also discovered online health retailer MuscleFood.com and started buying fresh meat and vegetables rather than her usual processed food. She admits it was a “huge struggle” at first, but now she’s feeling better than ever.

“It was once I overhauled my diet that my life really turned around.

“The offering of similar products to my old diet made it an easy enough change to make, as I wasn’t stuck cooking different meals for my sons.

“I swapped our breaded chicken for Dragonfire Chicken and Hache Steaks and replaced my usual snack of crisps with celery sticks and almond butter.

“Gone are the days of skipping breakfast, now I stock up on spinach and poached eggs to give myself the healthiest start to the day.”

Before she got on the healthy train Angela had an unhealthy 33.3 per cent body fat; now though she’s managed to drop that to 22.3 per cent – and she looks so much better for it. Seeing his mum make such a positive change, Bradley picked up the baton and decided to get in shape too.

Angela explained: “Bradley had been chubby since school, avoiding exercise except for football and eating starchy school dinners.
“Once I saw the changes in my life, I encouraged him to give a personal trainer a go and eat healthily.

“He’s seen a huge change in his life and the two of us support each other, not allowing ourselves to make the excuses that stopped us from good health previously.

“It feels so great to have improved my son’s life as well as my own. A few years ago, I could only imagine feeling and looking the way that I do now, so it’s fantastic to achieve what I have.” However, let’s hope Bradley doesn’t get too carried away like this fellow bodybuilder does…

Looking Bradley and Angela now, it really is an excellent advert for healthy eating and a good exercise regime. Sadly though I love chicken nuggets so I’m going to stay chubby forever. Willpower of a snail right here.

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