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Sonakshi Sinha Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Transformation…
..and has some advice for everyone.

Scrolling through the recent Instagram posts of Sonakshi Sinha, the actor looks to be leaner than ever before…isn’t it?!

In a recent interview to Bombay Times, Sonakshi revealed her secret, “I just stopped eating junk… When I started shooting for Noor, I stopped working out because of the hectic schedule. So, I decided to approach food in a different way.

I do gorge on my mom’s delicious food, but when it starts showing on the body, I stop.”
And what she has to say about the body shamers? “I block negative energy, I don’t assign importance to irrelevant opinions. I was bullied in school for being an overweight teenager, but

I remained proud of who I was. When I entered the industry, I came down to 60 kilos from 90 because it’s a visual medium and looks do matter. Regardless of my weight, my debut film Dabangg was a huge hit. So, who is anyone to tell me how I should be?” opined the actor.
Sonakshi definitely has some kick-ass advice for everyone battling with body shaming. You go, girl!

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The 2 Week Diet

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